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First, a quick introduction for those who are new. This website is generally run by me, Catherine Jaime. I homeschooled my own children for almost 35 years (often while teaching classes for dozens of other homeschooled students). In 2003 my sister, my oldest daughter, and I opened Creative Learning Connection, a homeschool resource center I owned and operated for almost 14 years.

In May 2016 my youngest daughter graduated along with the son of my best friend who was helping me run CLC at the time. So, as part of transitioning to the next phases of our lives, in December 2016 we chose to close the physical location of Creative Learning Connection, bringing to a close that portion of our homeschool ministry.

But my ministry to homeschoolers predated the opening of our resource center (since from the first day I walked into a homeschool group with 5 years of experience, I was the veteran homeschooler) and our hope is that it will continue beyond the closing of those doors.

As I move happily into my “retirement years,” I hope to write more and travel more. (Those who have known me for any amount of time often question how I can do more of either of those – but I’m managing!) For more information on my writing career, you can see the blog post I wrote for my author’s website: Becoming a Full-Time Author and one of my many travel posts there, Travel, Travel and More Travel.

We hope you find encouragement in these pages, whether you are a homeschool parent, classroom teacher, or just someone interested in education.

Happy Learning,



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