I love reading good historical fiction. I think its a great way to learn the stories of what happened – which is really what history is about, isn’t it?

I had written a number of non-fiction books before I decided to try my hand at historical fiction. I was immediately hooked. For this author, at least, writing historical fiction is as much fun as reading historical fiction.

My first, family-friendly historical novels were written about Leonardo da Vinci, of course: Leonardo the Florentine; Leonardo: Masterpieces in Milan; Leonardo: To Mantua and Beyond; Leonardo: A Return to Florence; Leonardo: A Return to Painting; and Leonardo and the Looming Litigation. Book 7 of that series was completed recently – Leonardo: Living Through Loss, and I’ve also written one recently on Michelangelo – Michelangelo the Florentine.

And along the way to writing those books, I’ve also written novels on several of my other favorite topics: The Lewis and Clark Expedition (told from the perspective of Captain Clark’s slave, York) – York Proceeded On; The Constitutional Convention (told from the perspective of a young British spy) – Failure in Philadelphia?; and the interesting story of the Vanderbilts at Biltmore (through the eyes of a fictional friend of their daughter) – The Gracie Jones Chronicles: Visiting the Vanderbilts. Those novels were followed by several short stories: The Attack on Wuerzburg; The Attack in Cappadocia; The Attack at Shkodra.


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